Apple Drops Boot Camp Support for Windows 7 on New MacBook Pro, MacBook Airs

Recently, Apple refreshed the 11- and 13-inch MacBook Air lineup, as well as the 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro. While there are some noteworthy changes, for Windows 7 users, upgrading might want to wait.

Boot Camp is software from Apple that’s designed to allow Mac users to install and use the Windows operating system from Microsoft on their machines. According to a recently updated Apple Boot Camp support document, Windows 7 is no longer supported on the newest MacBooks. That means only Windows 8 and above is now supported.

It’s worth noting that Apple has also dropped support of Windows 7 within Boot Camp for the Mac Pro launched in 2013. At this stage, it would appear that the 2014 MacBook Pro and 2014 MacBook Air will be the last Macs to officially support Windows 7 within Boot Camp.

For those who can’t live without Windows 7, though, and still want to run the newest hardware from Apple, third-party software like Parallel and VMWare Fusion still run the older operating system.

We'll let you know if any third party install instructions surface for those who would still like to use that operating system with their new MacBooks.



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