Android Wear to support iPhone and iPad soon

Google is ostensibly working on an iPhone app that will bring iOS compatibility to all Android Wear-driven smartwatches on the market. Google’s Android-powered software platform for wearable devices launched a year ago without official support for the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Mac devices. Word of a possible solution came Tuesday via 01Net and was passed along to us by French blog

However, depending on the popularity of Apple Watch, Google might be forced to bring forward the announcement to prevent it from cannibalizing the sales of Android Wear powered smartwatches. If true, this news should please iPhone owners who are not interested in the Apple Watch, but prefer Android Wear running watches like the Moto 360.

As things stand right now, it is only possible to use Android Wear smartwatches with devices running Android 4.3+.

Should this report come true, we think it might get announced at Apple’s “Spring Forward” media event next Monday, during Google I/O 2015 which runs May 28-29 or at Apple’s annual developers conference in the summer.

While the search giant initially did not provide iOS compatibility for Android Wear, the landscape for wearable devices has changed a lot since last April, mostly owing to the Apple Watch announcement in September 2014 and its impending release next month.
Google would benefit from Android Wear’s iOS compatibility, as would Apple fans looking for a more affordable alternative to the Apple Watch that worked with their iPhone.

The notion of iOS-compatible Android Wear smartwatches isn’t as far fetched as it sounds. Google is among the leading developers for the iOS platform and the firm did got its Glass hardware to work on iOS.

 Last month, a video showing an iPhone connected to a Android Wear smartwatch went viral on the Internet clearly showing that many iPhone owners are interested in using their handset with a smartwatch powered by Google’s Android Wear.


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