10 Awesome tweaks not on default Cydia repos

Default Cydia repos offers hundreds of jailbreak tweaks/themes that most of us need it. However, there is still some awesome tweaks that you really need to install on your iPhone and they are not found on default Cydia repos..

This thread on Reddit and was reminded of how many great jailbreak tweaks exist outside of Cydia’s default repos. Of course, developers like Ryan Petrich are well-known for their beta repos, but there are some other lesser-known repos that you should be aware of as well. Here’s a list of ten jailbreak tweaks that are available outside of the popular BigBoss and ModMyi repos.


Displays the most recent upcoming alarm on the Lock screen.

Repo: http://repo.fortysixandtwo.com/


This tweak simply change the color of message bubbles found in the default Messages app.
Repo: http://apt.steverolfe.com/


Turn the App Switcher cards into rounded-rectangles.
Repo: http://cydia.ianburns.co/


Set custom volume level for alarm clock and timer.
Repo: http://tateu.net/repo/


Allows you to install a full working version of Kodi (formerly XBMC) on your iPhone. Kodi lets your stream videos from your local PC and from third-party sources. It’s also a great way to tap into an HD Homerun device on your local network.
Repo: http://mirrors.kodi.tv/apt/ios/


Displays a current temperature badge on the stock Weather app.
Repo: http://repo.fortysixandtwo.com/

So that’s 10 excellent tweaks (or apps in the case of Kodi) that you won’t find on the default Cydia repos. To download these tweaks, you’ll need to add their corresponding repos to your list of Cydia sources. Remember, you can do that from the Sources tab → Edit → Add, then type in the repo address.


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