Twitter blames iOS 8 for loss of 4 million active users

Twitter is blaming the rollout of iOS 8 for the loss of about 4 million active monthly users, reports Business Insider. The company announced Q4 2014 earnings today and while it beat revenue and EPS estimates, it missed MAU (monthly active users) expectations.

However, Twitter’s management gave a surprising reason for sluggish growth rate. They said that an “unforeseen bug in iOS 8″ resulted in the company losing 4 million new users. Chief Executive Officer Dick Costolo said that the company “moved on multiple fronts to minimize its impact but it wasn’t a one-size-fits-all fix” on a conference call. He did not provide any more details about the bug.
iOS 8 has been quite buggy, but I wasn’t aware of a bug that affected Twitter. According to CEO of app-developer consultancy Tapstream Network “there was an intermittent Twitter-specific bug in early iOS 8 where saved Twitter accounts had to be re-authorized to work, which basically meant that users had to remove the Twitter account and re-add it.”
The fact that the company lost 4 million users, suggests that it took quite sometime for the bug to be fixed.

Twitter had 288 million active users during the quarter, missing expectations by 7 million.

So what do you think ?

[via Yahoo Finance]


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