Samsung is even copying Apple EarPods for the Galaxy S6

Samsung has had a tendency to get blamed for copying in the past, especially when it comes to Apple products. While that doldrum has quieted a bit as of late, it may get fired up again here soon.

While a previous report surfaced that suggested, in plain detail, that the Samsung Galaxy S6 (and, despite its curved edge display, the Galaxy S6 Edge) could very well look like an iPhone 6, the believe has been that Samsung would take this time, with another flagship, to launch something wholly unique. Something that didn’t look like an Apple product.

The earbuds that Samsung is rumored to ship look extremely close in design to the EarPods Apple began shipping with the iPhone 5. I understand that there’s only so many designs for earbuds, but sheesh, these are just so close.

It was rumored Samsung had formed a partnership with Sennheiser to increase the quality in its headphones, but it doesn’t appear to be the case.
Samsung’s set to unveil the Galaxy S6 on Sunday, March 1, and when that happens we’ll finally know everything, but until then the leaks continue to rise to the surface. This latest one, based on images posted to Vietnamese site and surfaced by SamMobile, suggest that Samsung’s design ideas were at least a little bit prompted by Apple’s own. The images showcase what is allegedly the earbuds that will be bundled with the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge when they launch later this year, and they look strikingly similar to Apple’s EarPods.

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