Report: iPhone 6 Plus users consume twice the data of iPhone 6 users

Choosing an iPhone 6 Plus over an iPhone 6 could have a big impact on your data consumption, new research has found. Owners of Apple’s larger device tend to use it more like a tablet — watching more video and playing more games — which means they’re eating up their data allowance much faster.

While it makes sense that the 6 Plus would eat more data due to its larger display, Citrix thinks the difference has more to do with user behavior. People are treating the 6 Plus like they would a tablet, playing more games and streaming a lot more video.

According to a new report from Citrix. On average, 6 Plus users consume twice as much data as those with the smaller iPhone 6 — which means it’s not only more expensive to buy, but also more expensive to keep long-term.

That 2x difference in data usage is worth noting for folks on the fence about which handset to buy. With many of the larger wireless carriers now practically charging by the gigabyte, doubling your data usage could also mean doubling your cellphone bill.

Citrix also found that thanks to today’s speedy data networks, HD videos load 50 percent faster, webpages load 35 percent faster, and files download 18 percent faster. In turn, that means users can watch more, browse more, and download more in an hour of use than they ever could before.


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