Next iPhone to use an upgraded Touch ID sensor to improve Apple Pay experience

Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst with KGI Securities who is plugged deeply into Apple’s supply chain, predicted in a note to clients AppleInsider obtained this morning that the next iPhone refresh — let’s dub it the ‘iPhone 6s’ — will feature a much improved and more reliable Touch ID fingerprint sensor that will “offer a better and safer Apple Pay user experience by reducing reading errors.”
The upgraded Touch ID sensor will require an ever higher precision for the laser welding process to achieve better performance.

“Though Apple has filed patents for the integration of Touch ID and touch panel, this isn’t likely to bear fruit near term as complex algorithms and sapphire cover lens are also required,” he said. “We therefore don’t see any impact on supply chain momentum.”

“We think the new iPhone,expected to launch in the third quarter of 2015, will be equipped with an upgraded Touch ID module, with which Apple intends to offer a better and safer Apple Pay user experience with reduced reading errors,” reads the analyst note.

Last week a patent filing from Apple revealed that it is working on technologies that will allow it to integrate the Touch ID sensor into the touchscreen of the iPhone and iPad itself.

The fingerprint sensor will remain embedded into the iconic Home button rather than being integrated into touch panels, as proposed in Apple’s recent patent filing for a “Fingerprint Sensor in an Electronic Device.”

Apple is the only company in the smartphone market to have successfully integrated a fingerprint sensor in its smartphone. Other companies, including Samsung, have been struggling to offer an experience like Apple because of the lack of fingerprint sensors in the market that can rival Apple’s Touch ID sensor in terms of ease of use and overall performance.


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