MultiIconMover+: Move multiple app icons and folders at once

It would take a long time if you want to move bunch of apps icons somewhere at your iPhone's home screen, moving them from one page to another and so on.. If you’re looking for a more convenient way of organizing your Home screen, you should check out MultiIconMover+.

MultiIconMover+ is a paid version of MultiIconMover, a popular jailbreak tweak. With MultiIconMover+, you can move folders and it comes with other enhancements.

The tweak allows you to easily move multiple app icons and folders on the Home screen from one page to another with a few taps of the finger. After your device enters wiggle mode when long holding on an app icon, you can tap on the apps and the folders that you want to move.

A red checkmark or a numbered badge will appear underneath them indicating that they are ready to be moved. Once you’ve selected all the apps and folders to be moved, simply go to the page where you want to place them and press the Home button once. All of them will quickly appear on the particular page. Keep in mind that if you select more apps and folders than the page can hold, the extra ones will not be moved.

You can also configure the tweak from its preferences pane in the stock Settings app. The pane is divided into three sections; appearance, folders and icons.
In the appearance section, you can choose the type of the marker to appear when selecting apps. It can either be the default checkmark or numbers which indicate the order the apps are to be moved in.

If you want an easier way of organizing the app icons and folders on your Home screen, you should definitely check out MultiIconMover+. The tweak is available on Cydia’s BigBoss repository for $0.99. There’s also a free version of the tweak that doesn’t have as many features as the paid one such as the ability to move multiple folders.


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