More word Samsung will manufacture Apple’s next-gen A9 processor

Reports have gone back-and-forth regarding Samsung, TSMC and Apple with the focus being who is going to make the processor for the next-generation devices. According to a new report from Re/code, Samsung has been chosen to supply the A9 processor for Apple’s next-gen devices. This would line up with previous reports that this was the case, with the last one in mid-December of 2014 suggesting Samsung had already begun production of the next processor.

It’s worth noting that while Samsung will be manufacturing the chip, the Cupertino technology giant still designs the chip in-house with its engineer teams. Hilariously, Samsung doesn’t make its own chips either for the Galaxy line, and instead makes use of Qualcomm chips manufactured by TSMC.

Recode reports Samsung has invested a staggering sum — $21.4 billion — to ramp up capacity in its semiconductor and display businesses over the last year, and plans to spend even more in 2015 – presumably to appease Apple.
That’s because Samsung holds a technological edge over TSMC when it comes to the latest manufacturing process. Samsung has managed to shrink the size of the transistors on its chips to 14 nanometers — effectively packing more processing power into a smaller space and consuming less power. TSMC is still at 20 nanometers.


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