Meet Phorm, an iPad mini case that enhances your virtual keyboard with tactile keys

There are metric ton of iPad cases out there, some that just form to the tablet in hopes of keeping it safe from scratches, while others toss in a keyboard for good measure.

The phorm case is a brand new idea from Tactus Technology, which aims to bring tactile feedback to the typing experience while using the iPad’s display like normal. With this case, which was engineered by the industrial team behind the original Beats by Dre products, the case uses “microfluidic” technology that will raise optically-clear buttons just above the display. These buttons will be activated by a slider on the back of the iPad case, and will then sit above the display to help guide the user’s fingers to the optimal position on the keyboard.

A huge slider on the back of the case lets you dynamically add or remove fluid-filled keyboard buttons that give you tactile feedback. “The anxiety of auto-correct disappears, your productivity increases,” says Tactus.

So, is the Phorm but a gimmick? Read on.

By making your iPad’s touchscreen more touchable, the Phorm lets you stop thinking about how you type and focus instead on what you’re saying. The accessory was engineered by the industrial design firms behind the Beats by Dre products.

“Engineered by the industrial design firms behind the Beats by Dre products, Phorm has the power to transform the way we interact with all of the screens in our lives, by finally making the touchscreen physically tactile and easy to use. Microfluidic technology activates optically-clear buttons with just a simple slider bar on the back of the case. The buttons rise above the screen and guide your fingers to the optimal touch zone on your device’s keyboard, improving accuracy, confidence, satisfaction, and the overall typing experience.“

As it stands right now, Tactus Technology is aiming to provide protection and tactile feedback typing on the iPad mini lineup, including all three generations of the device. While the 7.9-inch display will be able to support the new case, Tactus is still developing a larger case for the 9.7-inch displays of larger iPads. There is a vote going on right now on the official website on whether or not a case of this sort should be built for the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus.

There will be a 30-day pre-order period, which is happening now, where pre-orders can be picked up for $99. The final retail value of the Phorm tablet case will be $149. Tactus Technology is aiming to ship the Phorm sometime in the summer.

You can pre-order yours over at for $99 a pop.

Slate Gray and Sky Gray versions are currently available. The Phorm will start shipping this summer and will retail for $149 when it debuts.


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