Jony Ive working with Angela Ahrendts on Apple’s retail store redesign for the Apple Watch

The New Yorker’s February 2015 issue features a lengthy interview with British-born designer Jonathan Ive who is widely credited with helping revive Apple’s fortunes alongside his spiritual mentor Steve Jobs, who used to call Ive “my best friend in the whole world”.

Suggestively headlined “The Shape Of Things To Come,” the extensive profile offers deep insight into Ive’s brain and centers around topics like the Apple Watch, cars, creating the iPhone 6 and working with Steve Jobs.
Ive has begun to work with Ahrendts, Apple’s senior vice-president of retail, on a redesign—as yet unannounced—of the Apple Stores. These new spaces will surely become a more natural setting for vitrines filled with gold (and perhaps less welcoming, at least in some corners, to tourists and truants).
It is unclear as to how Apple will be displaying the Apple Watch in its retail stores, especially the Apple Watch Edition that will come with a gold plated body.

Rumors about Apple redesigning its retail stores to better display the Apple Watch have been repeatedly popping up on the Internet. A report from earlier this month suggested that the Cupertino company is installing safe boxes in its retail stores to display gold-plated Apple Watch to customers whilst also preventing them from being stolen.

Apparently, the Cupertino company has also dropped nearly 60-70 percent of cases from third-party manufacturers from its store shelves to make space for its smartwatch.


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