Cydia receives a visual update that ushers in a flatter more modern look

As promised, Jay Freeman aka saurik has rolled out an update for Cydia, giving it a flatter and a more modern look. The update, which makes the interface look a lot more modern and flat, has rolled out automatically, hence there is no need to download any updates.

saurik had mentioned that he would be releasing an update few days back when he responded to comex’s decision to work on a replacement for the Cydia Substrate for iMods.

But what I can say is that this update looks like it has been in the works for quite some time. Maybe its release was fast-tracked due to the news of Comex coming back to the scene, thus making iMods look like much more of a credible threat than it was previously, or maybe this was in the cards to begin with.

It is a welcome change as it has been quite a while since Cydia was updated. The most striking change is on the home page, with some minor tweaks on other pages.

It looks a lot cleaner, and more modern. Let me know what you think of the new design. Please drop me a line in the comments if you’ve discovered any other changes.


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