Apple Pay bringing new customers to Staples’ iOS app

Just four months after making its public debut, Apple Pay is already the number one payment method for shoppers using the Staples app on iOS, the retailer has confirmed. However, the platform hasn’t yet taken off in the company’s physical retail stores.

“Right now it’s the number one payment method for us in our iOS apps,” said Prat Vemana, VP of mobile commerce for Staples, speaking during a panel discussion in Seattle on Tuesday. Vemana said that 30 percent of purchases made in the Staples’ iOS app use Apple Pay, reports FierceWireless.

What’s more, Apple Pay is also attracting new customers to the Staples app. During the early days of the platform’s launch, 65 percent of Apple Pay transactions were made by first-time Staples customers, Vemana said.

What is most interesting is that the number of Staples shoppers using mobile devices is split evenly between Android and iOS, but 70 percent of the retailer’s mobile revenue is generated by those using iPhones and iPads.

Staples was one of the first major retail chains to adopt Apple Pay, and while it has paid off when it comes to mobile payments, adoption hasn’t been as quick in its retail locations. Vermana didn’t have figures for in-store purchases, but he did say Apple Pay isn’t among the top three payment methods in its retail locations.

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