Apple has banned ‘bonded servitude’ at supply partner factories across the globe

Apple has informed its supply chain partners that it will no longer tolerate the charging of recruitment fees to new hires, the company said in its annual Supplier Responsibility report on Wednesday. The practice is common in countries like China, where labor is in short supply, and manufacturers use third-party brokers to help staff their factories.

“It is in essence bonded servitude,” Apple’s Senior Vice President of Operations Jeff Williams tells Bloomberg, describing a scenario in which a factory new-hire is forced to take on a huge debt before they even begin work. “That fee needs to be paid by the supplier and Apple ultimately bears that fee when we pay the supplier and we’re OK doing that.”

Apple reportedly notified suppliers of this incoming change back in October, which will prohibit any worker that’s working on an Apple line from landing these expenses on their own.

It’s a change in the right direction, but many would say that there are still quite a few areas with employment within these supply partner factories that need to be addressed.

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