Tony Fadell is taking over Google Glass

Google is graduating its Google Glass Explorer program from Google X and making it an actual division under Google, reports Fortune. Google is putting Nest co-founder and CEO Tony Fadell in charge of the Glass division, providing guidance to Ivy Ross who led the project from its experimental birth.
The article also notes that Google is more than likely gearing up to showcase its revision of Google Glass here at some point in 2015, as earlier reports had indeed suggested. This is because Google is ending the Glass Explorer Program on January 19, which means that after that date individuals will no longer be able to buy the wearable device.

Fadell will be leading his Glass team to release a new version of Glass in 2015. Google is still remaining quiet on specific features for the new version, but assumedly it’d be more aimed at the masses rather than developers willing to shell out $1,400 to be apart of the program.

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