The worst password of 2014 was '123456' followed by 'password'

Security is kind of a big deal these days and many people are looking for the best ways to protect their data, wifi networks and more by adding a hard password. However, it looks like that many people still take a drastically lackadaisical approach to their passwords.

According to data that was collected by SplashData, which was reported on by Re/code the worst passwords of 2014 wasn’t actually the word password, as many might guess. Instead, “123456” took the top spot, while “password” followed in at a close second place. The selections in the rest of the list are equally just as awful, in one way or another, especially when it comes to a simple string of sequential numbers.
  • 123456
  • password
  • 12345
  • 12345678
  • qwerty
  • 123456789
  • 1234
  • baseball
  • dragon
  • football
The idea that a simple password is enough to keep someone safe is a constant one, obviously, but in this day-and-age when security is on the forefront of news cycles so frequently, it would hopefully be reasonable to assume that passwords might evolve, or individuals might start using password management services like 1Password more often. Then again, with the word “batman” showing up on the list, along with “696969,” there’s probably not much hope.
“As in past years’ lists, simple numerical passwords remain common, with nine of the top 25 passwords on the 2014 list comprised of numbers only.
Passwords appearing for the first time on SplashData’s list include “696969” and “batman.”“
What do you think ?

[via Re/code; SplashData]


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