Purported iPad Pro rear shell photo leaks; to come with four speakers

A sketch captured by a factory worker at Foxconn claims to show a prototype of the long-rumored, larger iPad Pro. French blog Nowhereelse posted the image, showing four integrated speakers that would make sense for a larger iPad measuring between 12.2- and 12.9-inches.
We’re typically pretty careful about these type of leaks. However, Nowhereelse claims the image is from a reliable tipster in the past who provided some of the first images of the iPhone 6.

The source of the photo states that the iPad Pro will be between 6.9mm to 7.5m thin and will come with four integrated speakers. This matches up with the previous leak of the iPad Pro blueprint that had leaked in November last year.

The device is being assembled by Foxconn, which is where this alleged image was captured from. While the source of this leak has been credible in the past, Steve from Nowhere Else still recommends to take the authenticity of these images with a grain of salt.


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