Moveable: Rearrange status bar icons on your iPhone

Have you ever wanted to rearrange the status bar icons on your iPhone for some reasons and wonder how ? Well you should try Moveable jailbreak tweak that gives you the ability to change the default location of the status bar icons from battery icon, clock, carrier signals, wifi signals and more...

With the tweak, you can position the Status Bar items such as the cellular signal, WiFi and battery icons on any side. This means that you can either move them from their current position to the left, center or the right part of the Status Bar. In addition to this, the tweak also allows you to hide any of the icons from the Status Bar.

With that said, Moveable will not work with icons displayed in the Status Bar by other jailbreak packages such as OpenNotifier which allows you to add app icons to the Status Bar. It only works with the default icons that is part of stock iOS.

Once installing the tweak on your device, go to the tweak settings preferences panel where you’ll find a kill switch toggle that allows you to enable or disable the tweak on demand and a ‘Sort Order’ option. Tapping on it displays a new pane with a list of all the Status Bar items.

The pane consists of five different sections namely Left, Center, Right, Hidden and Default. All items that are under the Default section will remain in their original place. To move an item to the left, right or the center of the Status Bar, you simply have to drag it from the Default section to one of the respective positions.

Moveable is quite an interesting tweak and will come in handy if you want to arrange the Status Bar or hide some of the icons. To get your hands on the tweak, you’ll first have to add a new source to repository. To do so, launch Cydia and go to Sources -> Edit -> Add and type in the following source: 


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