Mophie Juice Pack battery cases for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus unveiled

Renowned accessory maker Mophie is out of the gate with the first ‘Made for iPhone’ licensed battery cases for Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Mophie’s Juice Packs, in case you’re not familiar, are iPhone cases that also double up as an external battery backup. The case has a switch, that when flipped on, starts charging your iPhone, and an indicator at the back showing how much battery back up is left. There are two variants of the Mophie Juice Pack:

The California-based company said the new cases for Apple’s last handsets are now available for pre-order.

Juice Packs incorporate edge-to-edge protection, rubberized support points on the inside to protect the handset from drops and falls, quick-charge and pass-through technology to charge and sync the phone simultaneously at a rapid rate, as well as forward-ported speakers.

When connected to a computer, your iPhone 6 recharges first, and then the Juice Pack case recharges itself.

The Juice Pack Air increases your iPhone 6’s battery by a 100 percent, and the iPhone 6 Plus’ battery by 60 percent, with a 2750mAh external battery.
Depending on the model, these new cases provide up to 17 more hours of talk time, up to 12 more hours of web browsing, up to 13 more hours of video playback and up to 60 more hours of music playback, said Mophie.

An updated version of its predecessor, the $99.95 Juice Pack Air for iPhone 6 features a built-in 2750mAh battery for up to a 100 percent longer run time.

The $119.95 Juice Pack Plus for iPhone 6 features a stronger 3300mAh battery for a 120 percent longer run time, in exchange for a slightly bulkier appearance compared to the Juice Pack Air.

Lastly, the $99.95 Juice Pack for iPhone 6 Plus includes a 2600mAh battery, enough to boost the phone’s already strong battery by as much as an additional 60 percent.

Color-matched to fit your Space Gray, Gold or Silver device, the new Juice Packs are available in Black, White and Gold finishes and can be pre-ordered now through theMophie webstore, with 3-4 weeks shipping.


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