MagicColors: Customize the Lock screen and Home screen on your iPhone

We already know that there is tons of jailbreak tweaks that allows you to customize your iPhone's home screen and lock screen by adding a limited features to them. MagicColors fall in that category. It allows users to bring a new look to both the screens.

The tweak provides tons of customization options that it claims will set your device apart from others in terms of look. It allows you to colorize both the Lock screen and the Home screen as well as hide various UI elements.

Apart from this, you can also colorize some items of the Status Bar such as the signal, battery or text color as well as configure and hide them.

Once you install the tweak on your iPhone,go to the tweak settings preferences panel where you will find it divided into two sections; one dedicated to the Status Bar and the other for both the Lock screen as well as the Home screen.

In the Status Bar section, you can colorize the signal, text, battery as well as the loading wheel color by altering their RGB values. The tweak also allows you to hide the clock, airplane and the loading wheel icon as well as always show the charging bolt in the Status Bar.

The next section is dedicated to Springboard and the Lock screen where you can choose the two tone colors of the labels and texts as well as hide the page dots and the icon labels in the Home screen or hide the following Lock screen elements:
  • Notification Center grabber
  • Control Center grabber
  • Camera grabber
  • Time
  • Date
  • Battery
  • Slide to Unlock
  • Status Bar

Once you’re done with the customization, all you have to do is to tap on the ‘Respring Changes’ button for the new changes to apply.

The tweak is available for free at Cydia store via Modmyi repo.. The tweak is compatible with iOS 7 and iOS 8.


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