Looks like Apple stopped running ‘Single of the Week’ free song promo on iTunes

Apple’s iTunes has been the source of promotions for digital content for quite some time, whether it’s a free app or a free single from an upcoming album. However, the company seems to be whittling them down as of late.

Conceived as a promotional vehicle to drive sales of music downloads and expose music lovers to new songs, Apple’s “Single of the Week” promoting launched a decade ago, back in 2004 (three years after the launch of the iTunes Store).

The report highlights a member of the Apple Support forums that contacted Apple Support to get information regarding the Single of the Week promotion, and why it wasn’t present when they went to access the Store:
“I contacted iTunes Support and they told me the decision was made to drop the free Single of the Week. Seems they don’t want people browsing the Store anymore. I told them that the free single each week got me to the Store and I usually bought a few songs. Now, there’s less reason to go. They’ve stopped the free single in other countries too.“
Curiously enough, Apple last month ended the ‘12 Days of Christmas’ promotion which for six years straight used to joy customers in the UK and US by giving away iOS apps, music, films and books over the twelve days following Christmas Day.

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