How to access your Mac or PC on your iPhone or iPad with Chrome Remote Desktop

In these days there is too many ways that allows you to access your Mac or PC on your iPhone or iPad. But in case you have been following Google news, you may knew that Google Chrome launched 'Chrome Remote Desktop iOS app' to let you access your PC or Mac from anywhere in a secure fashion.

So right now we are going to show you how to access your Mac or PC on your iPhone using Chrome Remote Desktop.

STEP 1: Download and install Chrome Remote Desktop on your iPhone or iPad (download link).

STEP 2: Now Install Chrome on your desktop, and then install this extension by clicking the blue Free button > Add.

STEP 3: After installing the extension, you should see Chrome Remote Desktop icon in Chrome's app launcher. Click on it.

STEP 4: Authorise the app with your Google account.

STEP 5: You’ll now have to enable remote access to your computer. Click on Enable remote connections

STEP 6: You’ll now be asked to install another piece of software, which will be a dmg file for Mac, and an installer for Windows. Follow the on screen instructions and complete the installation process.
STEP 7: Now you will be asked to set a PIN, so enter and confirm it, and click ok.

STEP 8: In case of Mac, System Preferences should open, and you’ll again have to enter your PIN here. (If the text field isn’t editable click on the lock icon at the bottom left.)

STEP 9: Now that the setup on your computer is done, open Chrome Remote Desktop on your iPhone or iPad, and sign into your Google account.
STEP 10: You should now see your Mac or PC listed here. Click on it, and enter your PIN to initiate the connection.
That's it ! Now you should be connected to your Mac or PC on your iPhone.. Enjoy..


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