EasySpring2: Provides a quick way to respring/restart your iPhone

I think it is a bad idea that you can only shutdown your iPhone and turn it on, that's it. But now and with EasySpring2 jailbreak tweak which is developed by TheNinjaprawn that responds to this issue. The tweak provides  a quick way for respringing or restarting your device as well as make your device enter Safe Mode in case you’ve installed a buggy tweak.

There are two ways in which you can activate the tweak. The fastest way is by holding down the Sleep/Lock button which normally displays a slider to shut down your device. With EasySpring2 installed, you’ll be displayed with 6 circular icons which include:
  • Shutdown
  • Respring
  • Reboot
  • Safe Mode
  • Clean UiC
  • Cancel
The ‘Clean UiC’ option allows you to clean all the user interface caches from your device and restarts it once done. It only takes a few minutes to complete the action.

The shutdown, respring and reboot option will come in handy to those users who’ve go a faulty Sleep/Wake button and require a different way of invoking it. If you’ve installed a tweak that has glitches and issues, you can simply use EasySpring2 to take your device into Safe Mode and remove the buggy tweak from Cydia.

The second way of gaining access to the functionality of the tweak is via the stand-alone app that appears on the Home screen. Tapping on it displays the same interface as you’d see when holding down the lock button.

 The only complain that I have about the tweak is that when you invoke it and tap on the Cancel button, it sometimes causes your device to crash and enter Safe Mode. Other than this, it works perfectly as advertised and at some point, you’ll definitely find it useful.

The tweak is available for free at Cydia store via BigBoss repo, give it a try and let us know your opinion..


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