Designers show off how some apps might look and work on the Apple Watch

As noted by Fast Company, Digital agency Huge took it upon themselves to imagine what Apple Watch editions of popular apps would look like.
A batch of believable mockups envision apps like Fandango, Foursquare, Google Maps, Chase Bank and more running on the Watch. The authors also offered a few smart suggestions on how such applications might take advantage of the Watch’s unique hardware and software features.

The renders were published on Thursday, January 15, and go through several different features and ideas, including breaking down some of the key elements of the wearable, including the Digital Crown, the Taptic Engine and more. At the same time, the designers do note that these renders don’t necessarily represent the final apps that may or may not launch for the Watch later this year.

A more elaborate concept of the Uber app envisions keeping you updated on a car’s location and estimated time of arrival through the Watch’s notifications. “Users will be even more inclined to call an Uber on the watch than on the iPhone,” Hugo posits.

Then there’s Foursquare, another highly popular mobile app, which could offer simple check-in with a tap, suggestions based on your position and time of day and even voice search for places you might like, returning options based on habits and location. “It will be easy to scroll through recommendations using the digital crown,” the authors speculate.

Even an app like Fandango has plenty of functionality that could be made to work well on the Watch, including finding movie times, getting alerts for movie tickets that have been purchased (and presumably found in Passbook), as well as being able to use the Watch as the ticket itself.

Last but not least, navigation. The rendering below depicts a Google Maps app for the iPhone with haptic feedback for turn-by-turn directions.

The article specifically mentions the Taptic Engine and voice commands as being key to the creation of Watch-optimized interfaces. The Taptic Engine, the story reads, will provide “more contextual, customizable, and discernible notifications that would replace those on the iPhone.”

Voice commands, it continues, will make simple tasks even more convenient because it’s “faster and easier to raise your wrist and give a voice command than to pick up your phone, unlock it, and then speak”.

There are plenty of ideas here, many of them great, but it’s all just a giant tease until the real deal finally launches. As of now, the word on the street is that the Watch will launch in the United States by the end of March. Are you excited to try out Apple’s wearable?

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