Call Enhancer: ensures that you don’t call a contact accidentally

It happens to most of us all the time. You put your iPhone in your pocket or held it in your hand while it was unlocked and found out that it called your contacts accidentally? This has happened to me several times and if it’s the same case for you as well, you should consider checking out a new jailbreak tweak known as Call Enhancer.

This awesome tweak ensures that you don't call a contact accidentally by asking you if you really want to contact this number or not. A message will be displayed on the call interface before your iPhone starts to dial the contact. You can simply tap on the green button in order to confirm it and dial the contact. This will not work when you dial a contact manually from the dial interface in the Phone app.

Additionally, the tweak claims that you can call a contact anonymously without showing your phone number. It adds a second dial button to the Phone app to the left of the call button as you can see above which allows you to call someone while remaining unknown.

Once you install the tweak on your device, go to the tweak's settings panel where you can enable or disable the tweak as well as choose whether you want it to work systemwide or not. If you enable systemwide, the tweak will work even when you call a contact from another app.

If you wish to use the “anonymous” feature, you’ll have to select your country’s prefix code from the ‘Hide Caller ID Prefix’ list or enter a custom one if your country isn’t on the list.

The tweak offers three different ways of activating the anonymous call. You can hold on the green call button in the Phone app to view the button for calling anonymously, swipe the green dial button to the left or the right side or display it permanently. The same applies to systemwide calls. You can also change the icon of the “anonymous” dial button to one of the four icons provided by the tweak.

The tweak is available for $0.99, you can grab it from Cydia store via BigBoss repo..


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