BlackBerry’s official Twitter account accidentally tweets from iPhone

See this maybe one of the most funniest things you are going to hear this week. Someone at BlackBerry made a hilarious mess up on Tuesday when plugging the new BlackBerry Classic in a tweet that was sent on an iPhone.

While Twitter’s first party apps don’t show what device a tweet is sent from, third-party apps like Tweetbot show the crime committed in BlackBerry’s case. You’d think its new QWERTY-touting phone would be perfect for typing a tweet.

The tweet was deleted very soon, thankfully The Verge was able to snag a screenshot for hysterics sakes.

It’s sad to say this isn’t BlackBerry’s first social media blunder, as its “Creative Director” Alicia Keys posted from her iPhone with a Drake lyric last year. Of course, she said she was hacked.
What do you think ? Isn't this so funny ? 


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