Auxo 3 version 1.1 provides a much more responsive experience

The much awaited Auxo 3 finally hit Cydia store just a few weeks back and like its predecessor, it was praised by the jailbreak community for being a solid tweak and received a warm welcome. The team behind Auxo 3 have now released an updated version of the tweak that brings a lot of new improvements and features.

Video review:

    If you’ve been frustrated with the responsiveness of Auxo 3 in the past, then maybe it’s time to give it another shot. Version 1.1 adds the following to the mix:
    • Added ability to use Hot Corner on Home Screen to lock device
    • Added way to access your Recent Contacts, in Notification Center
    • Added Continuity support in MC
    • Added ‘Open to Last App’ for QS
    • Added ability to increase home button speed (ala Speedy Homey)
    • Optimized Quick Switcher’s performance and speed greatly
    • Improved tweak compatibility with GridSwitcher, Polus, and others
    • Improved iPad support for MC
    • Improved iTunes Radio support
    • Fixed iPhone 6 Plus visuals/assets
    • Fixed iOS camera grabber issue
    • Fixed various bugs and crashes
    To me, the biggest new feature of Auxo 3 v1.1 is the optimized Quick Switcher performance. This has, since Auxo 2 introduced the Quick Switcher, been a pain point for Auxo owners. The Quick Switcher has never been as responsive as one might expect, but version 1.1 almost completely nails it. There’s still a minute twinge of unresponsiveness to be found if you really want to be nitpicky, but the difference between the original and this latest update is truly night and day.

    Auxo 3 v1.1 brings a new ‘Open to Last App’ feature for the Quick Switcher, which will center the previously used app when invoking the Quick Switcher. This allows you to quickly switch between two apps back to back.
    If you’re a big fan of Auxo 3, head to Cydia now and update the tweak to the latest version. Let us know what you think about Auxo’s version 1.1 update.


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