Apple wants some Watch apps ready in two weeks

If catching the Apple Watch out in the real world isn’t enough, perhaps a sign that developers are being cued up to have their apps ready for a quick turn-around is. According to sources who spoke to MacRumors on condition of anonymity, Apple told certain developers to have their Watch apps ready by mid-February.

The reason for this is for the Watch, and applications being prepared for the wearable which is on schedule to begin shipping in April. The report indicates that this developer, and possibly others, is being tasked with having their Apple Watch-ready application available and ready to go by February 12.

The wrist-worn gizmo is arriving in April, Apple CEO told investors on an earnings call earlier this week. Conventional wisdom says testing third-party apps ahead of the launch is necessary to ensure key Watch apps work properly and, more importantly, don’t create a major drain on the battery.

Another possibility: carefully-selected developers get a chance to show off their apps at a launch event, assuming there’s any. In addition to furthering the Watch narrative, featuring third-party apps in live demos at another event would go a great length toward explaining what the Watch is really for and maybe turn us all into believers.

It’s not all that surprising that Apple would want to get some apps up and running well in advance of the Watch’s launch, seeing as one of the strengths the Watch has is as another device to run apps on.

MacRumors forums are now flooding with reports of Watch sightings in the Cupertino area, suggesting that employees are wearing and testing the device in the wild. Race Johnson shared on Twitter the following image that appears to show someone, likely an Apple employee, wearing a Watch in public, around San Francisco’s Marina area.

Are you looking forward to the Watch?


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