Apple uses famous calligrapher to tease new West Lake Apple Store in China

Apple has posted a video on its Chinese retail website, which shows renowned calligrapher Wang Dongling creating a mural for the upcoming Apple Store in West Lake, Hangzhou.

Apple is set to officially open the West Lake Apple Store in Hangzhou at 9am local time on Saturday, Jan. 24. Ahead of the store’s inauguration later this week, Apple has released a special promotional video starring Dongling on the Apple retail website in China.

Wang Dongling is considered one of the most successful and gifted of the modernist calligraphers in China.

Here’s a translation of the artist’s creation story from Apple’s website:
To celebrate the opening of the first Apple Store retail outlets in Hangzhou, we invited a famous calligrapher Wang Dongling brush creation. His words not only describe the beauty of Hangzhou has a long history of art and culture, but also for Apple gift to another chapter in Hangzhou rhyme.
Furthermore, Apple on Tuesday removed protective barriers shielding the new Apple Store in Hangzhou, China, revealing a huge glass build that mirrors closely to the San Francisco flagship location that is set to open soon. While not as big as the San Francisco location, the West Lake Apple Store has the same glass and two-story design.
The website also says that the new West Lake store in Hangzhou, China will open on Saturday, January 24 at 9 AM local time. You can visit Apple’s Chinese retail website to watch the video. I think it is the first time Apple has made a video to celebrate the opening of a new Apple Store.


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