Apple Increases iOS and Mac Developer Program Prices in UK and Germany

It looks like that Apple has quietly increased the price of its iOS and Mac Developer programs in both UK and Germany. First spotted by apfelpage (via 9to5mac) both programs in Germany are now up to €99/year (previously €80/year). In the UK the pricing has been changed to £79/year (previously £60/year).

For new developers or those signing up for another year, a slight price tweak in some European Union countries may be a bit of a surprise. According to several reports, Apple has indeed increased the yearly pricing for its Developer Program in some EU countries, including the United Kingdom and Germany. As of the time of this writing, the new pricing, which is visible in the image above, is live in the aforementioned countries, but it’s unknown whether or not this price hike will follow suit in other countries.

It’s known if this pricing will see the light of day in other countries at this point, including in the United States. The $99 price tag in the U.S. has been in place for quite some time, so an increase would certainly be unexpected. However, it is more likely that the price changes are a reflection of some kind of currency fluctuation, which Apple has been known to do in the past. Recently, after suspending online sales in Russia due to fluctuations in the ruble, the Apple Store came back online with a 35% price hike to the products therein.

Let us know if you spot any other countries that have newer prices!

[via 9to5Mac]


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