Amury theme brings your iOS experience to life

Theming your iPhone is a beautiful thing and you should choose a wonderful and cool theme to try on your new jailbroken iPhone. However, if you are looking for a full-system theme for your device then I recommend trying Amury, a promising theme that has been designed with subtle depth and detail in mind, all while maintaining great familiarity with stock iOS..

You will be astonished by how familiar Amury feels on your iPhone. Familiarity is just the beginning, the color palette used in Amury is something that will capture your eyes at a glance.

In addition to the beautiful design, Amury comes with 12 stunning wallpapers as well as some user interface redesign.

The Settings UI icons also changed to a better and redesigned one that will inspire you..
From the developer description:

The theme features 320+ icons, Settings icons, Alternative icons, Minor-in app themeing, users interface, UI sounds, Control Center, stunning wallpapers, more to come..

The theme requires Iconbundles, compatible with iPod/iPhone devices running on iOS 7 and iOS 8..

More screenshots----->

What are you waiting for dude ? Amury theme is available at Cydia store for $3.49, grab it and let us know your opinion about it...


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