26 new and updated jailbreak tweaks you should check out this weekend

Well 2015 is here and I think you need to renew your jailbroken iPhone with a group of updated and newly released jailbreak tweaks. So right now we are here with 26 new and updated jailbreak tweaks that you really should give them a quick look..

f this first week of 2015 is any indication of the future, we might have another good year ahead of us in terms of tweaks. Of course, we’ll be there to highlight some of our favorites as they are released and updated, starting with these 26 new tweaks that were released on the default repos this week.

Actual Battery: shows actual battery percentage (free)

BMWNotifier: enables mail notifications in BMW’s iDrive (free)

Clap: easily find your iPhone around your house by clapping your hands ($0.99)

Confero: organizes app badges notifications in one convenient place ($1.50 – review)

Drunk Clock: an iWidget that tests your sobriety by displaying an analog clock (free)

GDUploadAny: upload any file to Google Drive ($1.49)

HideSensitive: hides the content of notifications on your Lock screen based on apps or words of your choice (free)

HoverNotifications: offers a new style of notifications on iPad ($1.49)

iKeywi 3: adds an extra row of keys to your keyboard, and more ($1.99)

LockHTML4: a powerful tweak to customize the Lock screen ($1)

MFAnyFile: allows you to upload any file to MediaFire ($1.49)

MoreTimer: supercharges the timer feature of the Camera app (free)

MSGAutoSave8: automatically saves photos and videos received via Messages app (free)

NoPhotoGestures: lets you edit the behavior of pinch to zoom gesture in the grids of Photos app (free)

NoSquare: disables the square mode of the Camera app (free)

NotificationKeeper: a powerful tweak to filter and enhance notifications ($0.99)

Notification Killer: removes all your notifications at once in Notification Center (free)

panicLock: locks pretty much everything on your iPhone with a simple gesture (free-review)

PrivatePlus7: automatically enables Private Mode when visiting specific websites (free)

ScreenShotterAlert: gives you the option to Save or Delete when taking a screenshot (free)

Searchlight: adds Recent and Favorites apps, and more to Spotlight ($1.99)

SimpleSwitcher: offers simple modifications to the App Switcher (free)

SpringResearch: changes the color of the Status Bar and icon labels (free)

SteamOldEnough: removes the Steam age verification (free)

Switchability: brings app switching to Reachability ($1.99 – review)

TWBEnhancer: brings several enhancements to Tweetbot ($2.49)


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