VLC media player coming back to App Store soon

VLC media player has been one of the most popular video/audio players that people used it on their iOS devices, that's before Apple pull it from the App Store for some unknown reasons. Having been absent for months, the popular cross-platform media player which renders dozens of non-iOS-friendly video formats will be relaunching on the App Store in the coming days.

According to Felix Paul Kuehne, lead developer for VLC for iOS and OS X, the app has already been submitted to Apple for approval and could be heading back to the App Store later this week.

In answering a question about VLC’s unavailability in Europe, Kuehne confirmed the software will be back on the App Store soon, “probably early next year due to the iTunes Connect holiday shutdown,” according to his post on the VideoLan Forum.

Beta 2 of VLC for iOS 2.4.0 containing a bunch of improvements has been available to testers for weeks now. Though the forthcoming release will be a new app, there should be an update for versions downloaded before the app got pulled.

VideoLan , which recently reorganized itself as a multinational development team spanning twenty nations, has been managing the VLC media player project.
VLC made its App Store debut in October 2010, courtesy of its original developer, a company named Applidium. It was one of the first apps on the App Store that could transcode foreign media formats directly on an iPhone or iPad.

However, VLC got pulled a mere three months later over issues with the GNU General Public License (GLP) requirements after developer Rémi Denis-Courmont, one of the lead contributors to the VLC project, filed a licensing claim.

VLC is arguably among the most widely used cross-platform media players and its comeback on the App Store will be watched closely and followed with great intent.

It will be a very good thing to see VLC coming back again, right ?


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