This is what happens when you boil iPhone 6 in Coca-cola [video]

We've seen different kinds of videos that people make to damage or break down the iPhone, some people drop it from large distant, others bend it, others put it inside a microwave and today we are going to see a crazy guy decided to dip his iPhone 6 in a pan containing boiling Coca-Cola. Boiling coke turns it into a slimy, syrup like state, where the water has evaporated, leaving behind the sugar.

Here's the video:

As you’ll see in the embed, the iPhone 6 is dipped while recording a video with the screen on, and a few seconds later, it shows the the temperature warning. By the end, the whole solution solidifies, and smoke starts coming from the iPhone, possibly from the battery.

After the iPhone 6 cooled down, the user scraped off the solid coke, showing the damaged device. Its screen had popped out, and many of its buttons were stuck, and unsurprisingly the iPhone didn’t work.


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