The iPhone 6 Plus has captured 41% of the ‘phablet’ market [Research]

Keeping track of Apple's newest devices and the impact they have on the market is a normal thing. Numbers vary, and sometimes they don’t. A new research note from the firm Kantar World Panel suggests the iPhone 6 Plus has had quite the impact already.

The new research note was published to the research's firm official website and it statesthat the iPhone 6 Plus has managed to capture 41% of the “phablet” market since its launch. What’s interesting to note, though, is that Kantar’s research starts in August, and runs until the end of October. The iPhone 6 Plus didn’t even launch until mid-September, so if the numbers are correct it would mean that the iPhone 6 Plus’s presence in the phablet market has been a deciding one.

As far as the phablet market as a whole goes, Kantar notes that devices with display sizes of 5.5-inches or larger (which Kantar believes denotes a phablet) took up a total of 10% of the whole smartphone market, measured in the same spread of time. When the research firm spoke with consumers of their intentions of buying a new device, or after picking up the larger 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus, the larger screen size was chosen as a powerful reason to switch to the newest handset from Apple:
“At the point of sale, when asked what drove their choice of smartphones, 58% of those surveyed who bought an iPhone 6 Plus said screen size was the primary reason for choosing their device. Despite the more compact design of the iPhone 6, 60% of consumers who chose it also cited screen size as the primary purchase driver.“
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[via iMore; Kantar World Panel]


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