PM, Really: Make sure you never accidentally set an alarm for the evening

With the 24 hour clocks, people had to adapt with the AM/PM time. It is not so complicated but it's easy to accidentally take one for the other. However, there is a new recently released jailbreak tweak called PM,really, this tweak allows you to make sure you never accidentally set an alarm for the evening (PM), when clearly you wanted to be waken up in the morning (AM).

The concept is pretty simple. Every time you set an alarm for a time in the evening, the tweak will ask you for confirmation that you indeed wanted to set that alarm for that specific time. If you did, just confirm. If it was an accident, simply cancel and change your alarm. You can hardly make simpler than that.

The tweak works as advertised. If anything, I wish PM, really? would have a more conservative look. Specifically, I’d like to see the tweak replace the “Yes, I did” and “Nope!” options with more appropriate “Confirm” and “Cancel.” This is just my personal preference, and of course, your opinion might differ.

If you find yourself making mistakes when setting alarms, you will definitely find PM, really? useful. As for me, my iPhone is now set to use 24-hour time, so no mistake possible.

Tweak name: PM, really?
Developer: Jay Zuerndorfer
Repo: BigBoss
Price: Free


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