NoBarScreen: Take Screenshots Without The Status Bar

You probably know that whenever you take a screenshot on your iPhone the status bar tends to get in in the screenshot. Either your iPhone's battery near death or for some reasons you want to remove the status bar automatically from all your iPhone's screenshots, then you probably should check out NoBarScreen jailbreak tweak..

The tweak simply allows you to take any screenshot on your iPhone without the status bar..

After installing NoBarScreen, which is available free of charge via Cydia’s BigBoss repo, you can immediately begin taking screenshots sans status bar. Unfortunately, there are no options to configure or no settings to adjust, which means that it’s an all or nothing affair.

It would have been nice if NoBarScreen would have included a preference panel, or at the very least an Activator action to toggle the tweak on or off. Sometimes I need the status bar when I’m taking a screenshot, so this tweak being always on wouldn’t really work for me.

NoBarScreen is from developer B3uB3u, and it’s available for the iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad and works with iOS 7 or iOS 8. If you decide to try NoBarScreen, please share your thoughts on the tweak down below in the comment section. Once the crashing issue has been completely resolved, and if the developer adds a preference panel, this could be one of the go-to tweaks for those of you who take lots of screenshots.


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