New York City is considering Apple Pay for parking tickets

The city of New York is considering Apple Pay as a way for its citizens to pay for the eight to ten million parking tickets it issues a year, according to MarketWatch, moving from an outdated system where tickets are paid online, in person, or through the mail. 
While the city is yet to finalize on a system, it is all but clear that support for an “aesthetically pleasing” mobile friendly ticket system is their number one priority. On a yearly basis, New York City roughly issues 10 million parking tickets for a revenue of more than 30$ billion.

While it is currently possible to pay for tickets online, the whole process is not optimized for mobiles. Additionally, every time someone uses their debit or credit card to pay for a ticket, a 2.5% convenience fee is applicable, which the NY transport department could potentially avoid by upgrading their ticket systems to support mobile payment services like Apple Pay. Implementing a mobile friendly parking ticket system will also help in cutting down on fines by nearly $600 million.

New York City has only issued a Request for Information until now — due on January 15 — which should provide them with required information about the viability of implementing such a system.


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