Meet iPhone 6S, A Concept Inspired By Apple Watch

A new concept for the iPhone 6S has just hit the web and it is dubbed as the "iPhone EDITION". The device is carrying design language strikingly similar to the Apple Watch.The designer behind the masterpiece – Grisha Serov – has surprisingly cut down the screen size on the device by 0.2-inches bringing it down to 4.5, but has touted the display as an edge-to-edge one, and if we are to judge by the images, the front panel seems to be extending all the way till the inside of the phone’s frame.

The case is made from steel and retains the same shape akin to the iPhone 6, but here are the key differences; the bands that run across the back of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have been done away with, and you might think that cellular signals will have trouble on an all-steel casing, well, Serov inventively runs the band as a “glossy loop” around the edge of the phone, which helps it neatly blend in with the rest of the design.

Coming back to the casing, the smartphone comes in not just smaller than the iPhone 6, but slightly thicker as well at 7.6mm compared to the current depth at 6.9mm. Reason? Serov doesn’t agree with a protruding camera lens on a phone that carries some pretty flushed surfaces, so he moved the lens inside of the case. More so, the iconic Touch ID Home button has been done away with in favor of an embedded one, which also functions as a fingerprint sensor, and wake / sleep button. This button has been relocated to the top of the phone as was the case with earlier iPhones.

Thoughts ?

(Source: Behance)


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