iOS 8.2 beta 3 vs iOS 8.1.2 on iPhone 4s [Speed Test]

We all know that Apple has seeded the third beta of iOS 8.2 yesterday which comes with some bugs fixes and improvements. However, a new comparison video has just landed on YouTube compares the performances of the iPhone 4s on the recent beta, and the latest public version, iOS 8.1.2.

While major new releases tend to make older generation iOS devices slower, Apple has focused on improving performance in subsequent iOS releases, and as this video shows, continues to do so with iOS 8.2.

So the following video shows two iPhone 4S, freshly restored from a backup, one running iOS 8.1.2  and the other running on iOS 8.2 beta 3. There’s a noticeable reduction in app launch times on iOS 8.2, although it isn’t substantial and isn’t seen across all apps. Facebook, Messages, Calendar, all launched faster on iOS 8.2, suggesting that Apple has made under the hood performance tweaks to iOS, enabling it to run faster on older devices.

What do you think ? Have you been noticing any slowing issues with your iPhone 4S running on any of the above mentioned firmwares ?


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