In-Depth Design Comparison of Apple Maps vs. Google Maps

UX Launchpad has posted an in-depth design comparison of Apple Maps vs. Google Maps on Medium. The post is very extensive and goes through every aspect of the mapping applications to compare and contrast the approaches of two highly skilled teams working on a pretty unique design challenge.

Design is simply “deciding how a thing should be,” as William says in his book. But every decision has a tradeoff. Every thing you make easier can make another thing harder. There is no such thing as “the right design”. But we can learn a lot from seeing how experts in their field weighed the pros and cons of different approaches.
UX Launchpad is a one day, hands-on, fun design course in Seattle. It's run by Jon Bell, a designer at Twitter, and William Van Hecke, the design lead of the multiple-award-winning Omni Group and author of Learning iOS Design.


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