Hyundai confirms bringing CarPlay-enabled Display Audio infotainment system to 2016 models

Hyundai has announced via a press release that it will be displaying its new in-car audio system at CES 2015 that will support CarPlay as well as Android Auto. These new infotainment unit from the car maker will be offered in selected 2016 models of its vehicles.

The new Display Audio system from Hyundai skips the traditional CD player and embedded navigation system in favor of a high resolution seven-inch touch screen display that has been optimized for Android Auto and Apple’s CarPlay. Initially, the infotainment system will only be available in select 2016 models from Hyundai, but will quickly become the primary head unit across all its vehicles.

Featuring built-in HD Radio capability, mixed AM/FM/Sirius presets, a high-resolution seven-inch color touchscreen that Hyundai says has been optimized specifically for enhanced smartphone integrations and the latest generation Blue Link system, Display Audio can project CarPlay apps and features, including Apple Maps, phone calls, Siri integration and more.

Of course, music playback with CarPlay is supported via CarPlay-enabled third-party apps like Beats Music, iHeart Radio, MLB At Bat, Spotify, Stitcher, CBS Radio News and Podcasts, among others. And as Apple signs up additional music services, they will become automatically available through Display Audio without requiring a vehicle software update.

Key infotainment features include:
  • Integration with Apple’s Siri-powered “Eyes Free” mode.
  • Functionality allows owners of compatible vehicles to use the voice command button on the steering wheel to ask Siri questions without taking their eyes off the road.
  • Siri Eyes Free supports making calls, selecting and playing music, composing and reading back test messages, using Maps and getting directions, reading notifications, finding calendar information, adding reminders, among other functions.
  • Integration with Google’s voice actions and predictive Google Now functionality.
  • Pandora integration with smartphone.
  • Sirius Satellite Radio with enhanced features.
  • Sirius Traffic and Travel Link.
  • Traffic flow data in major markets, 24/7 traffic incidents and alerts.
  • Sports scores and schedules, stock ticker, movie times, fuel prices and weather/alerts.
  • Advanced voice recognition.
  • Swipe technology.
  • Music, video and picture storage.
  • New home screen with multiple functions.
  • Functionality brings drivers relevant information like local weather, upcoming appointments and current traffic conditions.
  • Pause, back and play for current station.
  • Automatic recording of top six presets.
Earlier this year, Hyundai had confirmed that it would be supporting CarPlay with the 2015 Sonata, though that is yet to happen.



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