Facebook’s ‘Stickered for Messenger’ app now available on iOS

Facebook this evening released its odd ‘Stickered for Messenger‘ app for iOS. First released on Android last week, Stickered allows users to add some fun stickers to their photos before sending them off to friends and family on Messenger.
The app allows you to add stickers to photos from the camera roll, or overlay them directly while taking a photo. You can drag, pinch, stretch and rotate stickers.

The decorated photos can then be sent to your friends via the Messenger app. Facebook had released the app for Android few days back.

Here’s the complete list of features:
It’s sticker time! Add cute characters, funny faces and more to make your photos pop.
– Pick as many stickers as you want
– Stick them on before or after you snap a photo
– Decorate photos from your camera roll, too
– Drag, pinch, stretch and rotate stickers to make the perfect scene
– Send your creations to friends with Messenger
Facebook has released a number of standalone apps such as Rooms (an anonymous community app), Slingshot (a Snapchat competitor), Paper (News reading app), and not to forget Messenger, as part of its strategy to unbundle the features rather than including them in the main Facebook app.

Stickered for Messenger is available in the App Store for free. It’s iPhone only for now, and of course you’ll need the standalone Facebook Messenger app, which received a significant update last week.


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