CustomMessages: Colorize The Messages Stock App In iOS 8

There is too many jailbreak tweaks that allows you to customize your iPhone's home screen, apps and more by adding cool features to it. However CustomMessages, is a new recently released jailbreak tweak that allows you to change the color of the message bubbles in the stock Messages app, set a custom border around the messages as well as change the background color of the conversations in the app.

Before delving into the tweak, it is important to mention that CustomMessages only allows you to customize the bubbles of the sent messages only. In other words, you can only change the color of the messages that have been sent by you, the ones that appear on the right hand side of the conversation.

You can customize the color gradient of the message bubbles, use transparent bubbles, change the tint of the ‘Details’ button that appears in the conversation interface as well as set a custom background color by altering the RGB values.

One of the major issues of the tweak is that the message bubbles become rectangle if you disable gradient or turn on transparent mode.
In my opinion, I see that the tweak is limited in features. There are various other tweaks out on Cydia that offer more features and provide you more control over the stock Messages app than CustomMessages does.

With that said, the tweak is available on Cydia’s BigBoss repository for $1.99.

What do you think ? Would you go with it and try it ?


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