Chinese phone vendor Digione claims the iPhone 6 copies their design

Before the huge launch of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, many people were wondering what the devices would look like. After all, this wasn’t an “s” variant, but a brand new physical aesthetic to look forward to.

According to a report published by Macworld, a Chinese smartphone vendor known as Digione believes that Apple’s latest iPhone design actually impedes on one of their own designs. The company originally published the letter to Apple publicly on Monday, December 1, after apparently sending the letter to Apple way back in September — after the launch of the new iPhones. According to Digione, the new iPhones might infringe on a patent it was provided with by the State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) in China back in July.
After Digione sent the letter to Apple back in September, the Cupertino-based company apparently kept quiet on the situation, and therefore Digione has seen fit to publish the letter publicly. Digione initially applied for the patent of the smartphone design back in January of this year, before it was ultimately awarded in the summer.

What do you think ? Is there any similarities between the iPhone 6 and this phone ? It will certainly be interesting to see where this goes, if anywhere.

[via 9to5Mac; Macworld]


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