Can’t get past Terms and Conditions while installing iOS 8.1.2 OTA update? Try this fix

Since the iOS 8 release, many users have been facing some issues like they haven't been able to get past terms and conditions screen when they try to install the OTA update. The issue has been plaguing users even with the iOS 8.1.2 update. If you’re facing the issue, then try this fix.

Login to iCloud

If you tap on Agree, and nothing happens, then tap on Disagree to cancel the installation process. Then navigate to Settings > iCloud, tap on the Apple ID/email address, which will prompt you to enter the password. You may be prompted to accept the terms and conditions. Tap on Agree to accept the terms and conditions and to login to your iCloud account.

Restart or hard reset your iPhone

If that doesn’t work, then try to restart or hard reset your device, and try to install the update after your device has rebooted.

Install the update via iTunes

If you still receiving error and can't pass on to the next step, then we recommend you to download and install the new iOS via iTunes program on your computer.


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