CameraTweak 3: Add more features to the stock camera app

In every new iOS Apple release, the company focuses on upgrading the camera app and we've seen a few upgrades in the iOS 8 camera app. However, this is not enough and there is always room for more improvements. CameraTweak 3 does it’s best to capitalize on those areas, do you think it succeeds? Let’s take a look inside to find out!

Back when CameraTweak was initially released, it was a big upgrade for the camera, it gave us features that we longed for in the Camera app. But, with iOS 8 and it’s newly upgraded and feature filled Camera app, do we even need this tweak? Let’s take a look at the features we have with CameraTweak 3.

Once you install CameraTweak 3 on your iPhone, go and open the camera app where you will find some new UI elements/buttons that’ll allow you to do some cool stuff. If you tap on the camera button to the left of the shutter button you’ll see a menu, which will be a little different depending on if you’re on “Photo” or “Video”. There’s quite a few features here, some of which are already available within the iOS 8 Camera app itself.

  • Tapping on Adv Mode gives you the ability to change the focal point and the white balance separately.
  • Timer gives you a timer that is adjustable by the second all the way up to 30 seconds that will count down and take a picture. (Photo Only)
  • Lapse allows you to take a picture every “X” seconds/minutes. (Photo Only)
  • WB Lock, is of course, white balance lock.
  • Swiping the menu bar over you’ll get the option to manually change up your exposure and/or focus point.
  • One more swipe to the left and you have the composition overlays, which actually aren’t optimized for the iPhone 6/6+ just yet.
That's not all, you can change the video or photo resolution all the way down to 144p and up to 1080p. With Photo, you can even go all the way up to 2448p.

Also, if you have a problem remembering not to record in portrait mode, there’s a warning sign displayed when you’re about to do just that. And if you want to level out your shots, then you can do so using the level tool in the top right hand corner.

Check out CameraTweak 3 in action:

CameraTweak 3 is available at Cydia store via BigBoss repo for $1.49


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