BlurSlide 2: Brings Back iOS 6 "Slide To Unlock" Slider To iOS 8

Have you ever wanted to bring back the old great days to your iPhone running on iOS 8 ? One of the most popular elements of iOS was the unique Slide To unlock slider on the lock screen in iOS 6. However, Apple changed the native slider in iOS 7.  If you are interested to bring back iOS 6 slide to unlock slider to your iPhone's running on iOS 8, then you probably should check out BlurSlide 2 jailbreak tweak..

Made by popular jailbreak developer CP Digital Darkroom, BlurSlide2 brings back the ‘slide to unlock’ slider to iOS 8, but the design looks quite similar to that of the iOS 7-iOS 8 power off slider, featuring a round unlock slider along with a blur background that matches iOS 8’s style.

It also features a nice animation when unlocking your device. As you move the slider across the screen from left to right, the blur background behind it also starts to slowly fade away until you’ve reached the end point.

The developer says that the tweak is still in BETA and he promises that more great features will be coming to the tweak very soon..

After installing BlurSlide2, a new preference pane will be available in the stock Settings app where you can enable or disable the tweak using the kill switch toggle as well as change the Slide to Unlock text and turn on or off the unlock sound that plays when you unlock your device.

If you’re interested to give this tweak a try and bring back the old memories of iOS 6, you’ll first have to add the developer’s private repository as the package is not hosted on the default repos such as BigBoss. From Cydia, go to Sources -> Edit -> Add and type in the following URL:


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