Big media wants to make Steve Jobs deposition video public

According to a report from CNET, Associated Press, Bloomberg and CNN have filed a joint motion in the court to make Steve Jobs video deposition on the iPod DRM antitrust lawsuit public. 
And boy would it be interesting to watch Jobs make a series of snarky comments. Asked whether he had heard of Real Networks, Apple’s late co-founder asked “Do they still exist?” All told, he responded 74 times with “I don’t remember,” “I don’t know” or “I don’t recall.”

Lawyers representing The Associated Press, Bloomberg and CNN filed a motion with the court to have the footage released. As you could imagine, Apple is battling reporters tooth and nail to prevent the two-hour video from going public.
Given the substantial public interest in the rare posthumous appearance of Steve Jobs in this trial, there simply is no interest that justifies restricting the public’s access to his video deposition,” attorney Thomas Burke, who is representing all three media organizations, wrote in the filing Monday.
Apple is on the hook for deleting songs on users’ iPods purchased through rival music stores. The company through the mouth of its online and services chief, Eddy Cue, insisted that its agreements with record labels contractually obliged it to plug any holes in its FairPlay digital-rights management system that software like Real Networks’ Harmony repeatedly exploited.

It was only earlier today that the two plaintiffs in the iPod DRM lawsuit were found to be illegitimate, but Judge Rogers has still decided to continue with the lawsuit. 


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