Apps get pricier in Russia over collapsing ruble

Apple is increasing App Store prices in Russia over the plummeting ruble, the basic monetary unit of the 145 million people country and some other former republics of the USSR, reports 9to5Mac.

According to a report published by 9to5Mac, and citing emails being sent out to developers, Apple has raised the prices of applications within the App Store due to the fluctuations with the exchange rate. The massive changes were what led to the suspension of online sales in the first place, and as the money situation continues to wobble, it seems that Apple will make the changes where they deem it necessary to counteract the alterations.

As a result of the price increase, the entry-level 99-cent price point has gone up to 62 rubles.

“We’ve increased the price for apps and In-App Purchases on the Russian App Store to account for changes in foreign exchange rates,” reads Apple’s email to developers.

“We’ve also updated the pricing matrix, which is now available in the app’s Pricing section in My Apps on iTunes Connect,” the message continues. iTunes Connect, by the way, is a web service developers use to upload binaries, content and marketing materials to iTunes.
As of this writing, the Russian Apple online store is still down, but apps are still accessible within the localized App Store. However, apps have indeed been raised, with 99-cent apps now running 62 rubles. As noted in the original report, this means that apps within Russia have had their prices raised by 100% in the last year.


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